Fund the Distribution of 100k Quran Boxes


Furqaan Project is the crown jewel of the Al-Furqaan Foundation amongst various projects of Al-Furqaan Foundation. We have new initiatives and a fresh perspective for this division along with a new identity. Furqaan Project was always at the center of our activities.

Now with new initiatives, Furqaan Project is trying to become the single source for all your needs of dawah resources. InshaAllah, over and above our popular English Translation, we are trying to provide the translation of the Qur’an in all major languages of the world. We are also trying to provide under one roof all necessary materials such as books, leaflets, brochures and electronic media to use for dawah purposes or to teach Islam to new Muslims.

Alhamdulillah, it is through the planning and hard work of the dedicated personnel in this division Al-Furqaan Foundation has been able to distribute around 780,000 copies of the translation in the United States, out of which 260,000 copies were distributed door to door.