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Meet Your Muslim Neighbor (Da’wah Training Workshops)

We at Al-Furqaan Foundation are currently available to offer your communities this free Da’wah workshop. Most of the time, we do a workshop between Salatul-Maghrib and Ish’a. It usually takes a hour + 30 min of Q and A. Below is a description of the

MEET YOUR MUSLIM NEIGHBOR workshop From Imam Eesaa Wood:

“From 2011 until 2014, I was the Da’wah committee president of The Islamic Center of Greensboro, NC. In that time I established a monthly open house invitation to the city to come to the Masjid for a tour of the building, introduction to Islam, a free meal and free materials to continue seeking knowledge of Islam. The result of the program was around 2,000 men, women, and children from all backgrounds and religious traditions engaging in direct contact with our community and learning about the faith of Islam.

“Meet your Muslim neighbor” is a workshop presentation about how to create your own version of this successful program in your community. I will explain all of the different methods I used and have since discovered to outreach to your community. I will show you various services both free and cost effective that you can use to enhance and sustain your already existing Da’wah programs. Finally, I will introduce the community to the various levels of outreach work being done in the USA and dialog with members to help establish what type of Da’wah work your community is comfortable doing.

It requires a laptop, speakers, a microphone and a projector with screen or appropriate projection surface. This program has already been implemented in several communities in the USA. I’d be happy to provide you with references of communities who have already had this workshop.

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 Imam Eesaa Wood’s Bio
  • Originally from the US, reverted to Islam in 2009.
  • Married.
  • Completed Umrah (2012) and Hajj (2014)
  •  Audio Engineer by Profession.
  • Associate of Applied Science Recording Engineering from Guilford Technical Community College, North Carolina Dean’s list (2012)
  • Arabic Language Studies under Ustath Maurice Hines (Zaytuna Institute) at Bennett College, NC, Elementary Arabic 1-2, Intermediate Arabic 1, Arabic Literature, 2013-14
  •  Qur’anic Arabic studies under Sheikh Yasser Ahmed (Sudan), Tajweed studies under Imam Kararero Abdullah (Burundi), and Fiqh Al-Malaki studies under Imam Abdulmuhaymin Zeba (Ivory Coast)
  • Jumu’ah Khateeb, workshop presenter and motivational speaker for Al-Furqaan Foundation across the US in over 150 Masajid on the East Coast, Mid-west and Great Lakes region.
  • Member of The North American Imams Federation, NAIF.
  • Member of The Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America, AMJA.
  • Voice Contributor to GuideUs Tv
  • Former Elon University Muslim Coordinator (Imam), North Carolina (2013-14)
  • Veteran educator of non-Muslims (Da’ee). Speaking with thousands of people from elementary school aged children to the elderly and everyone in between.
  • Former Islamic Education Committee President (Da’wah), Islamic Center of Greensboro, North Carolina 2011-14.
  • Volunteer contributor GuideUs Tv 2011-12 and Al-Huda Tv 2014.
  • Al Huda Sunday School, North Carolina, Islamic Studies teacher, 2010-14
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