Fund the Distribution of 100k Quran Boxes
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700 plus individual inmates and several prisons were given the translation and other books about Islam!

Almost all the prisons in the U.S. have some Muslim inmates, most of them have received their enlightenment in prison, and they are in dire need of Islamic material to practice their faith. There are many others who are interested in exploring Islam. We are receiving numerous requests from inmates regularly expressing their keen interest in knowing more about Islam. We are doing our best to fulfill their requests, but we are certainly not able to serve them fully.

We receive many requests from prison authorities for the translation of the Qur’an. Furqaan Project is trying to help them to the best extent possible.

It is the endeavor of Furqaan Project to service all the prisons in the U.S. for their requirements of Islamic materials. Furqaan Project can supply free translations. We seek sponsors for their other requirements. We seek and encourage active participation from capable individuals, masajid and other Muslim organizations. Each mosque or Muslim organization should take care of prisons in their area.

To be part of this very important endeavor, please get in touch with us at [email protected].